Sunday, May 29, 2016

100s Of Homes Available For Lease With Option To Purchase

100s Of Homes Available For Lease With Option To Purchase


Lease With Option to Purchase

Our exciting new program allows you to choose any home on the market for sale, lease the home for only a 1 year commitment but up to 5 years to purchase the home into your name. There are some requirements to be met, 525 minimum credit score, at least $50k in combined income, no violent felonies or evictions. All they require is 2 months security deposit and 1st months rent to move in. You only need to commit to one year, if you decide to go in a different direction you can give 60 day notice just as you would in a traditional rental and receive your deposit back!

This is a great opportunity for anyone that does not have the credit to purchase, short sale / foreclosure in your past, or just can't find the perfect rental for your family, this opens up the whole real estate market for rent! Try before you buy!

The first step would be to apply for the program, once you are approved we can start looking at any house on the market!

Contact us for more information or how to apply!

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