Monday, November 25, 2013

Advantages of Investing in Real Estate
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There is no better time to invest than now. While investments come in many forms like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, gold buying and more, there is nothing like real estate to really start a GOOD and stable investment.
Real estate is an investment opportunity. It yields more gain than any other types of investments.
Advantages of Investing in Real Estate
  • Slow Reactions. Other forms of investments fluctuate greatly. Real Estate has its share of ups and downs but changes hapen slowly providing you with time to make decisions about your portfolio.
  • Large Profit Opportunities. When the market is down, you can buy properties at a lower price which creates a large potential for profit.
  • Leverage. When buying a property, you can borrow money to fund your purchase! You will not see this ability to leverage with other investment options. You can easily pay this off in installments.  In the current rental market you can easily cover these payments with the rental income which means someone else is paying your mortgage for you, increasing your equity and net worth while giving you a monthly cash flow.  
  • Tax Advantages. Real estate investments give investors the chance to save a lot of money in tax benefits, depreciation and expenses vs income can give you a large write off, reducing your taxable income giving you a large return.
  • Value Control. You can control the price of your investment! By doing repairs and improvements on the property, the value can be easily be increased. 
Are you ready to invest? Here are a few tips:
  1. Remember all investments involve risks. Weigh the pros and cons. Make intelligent choices. Seek help. Trust your instinct. Don’t let the risks scare you from a potential investment but be prepared and responsible for consequences.
  2. Research. A good way is to obtain information with property management companies. Real estate brokers are great as well, they can advise you on the real estate market of your targeted area.
  3. Know your market. Buy property according to your requirements and targeted buyers & renters
  4. Forecast. Think ahead. Keep an eye on lucrative property markets. Think of areas where highways, malls, schools and potential housing units are planned.
  5. Assets. Make sure the property has potential for growth, equity or cash flow. Economic and social factors are weighed in. Do you see the neighborhood getting better, worse? These are all items that can help you succeed in Real Estate investing. 
  • Real estate is a long-term investment. With careful research, planning, forecasting and the right team working with you, you will have great future success in Real Estate.